Mike and Adam grill Aaron Warbritton and Zach Ferenbaugh of The Hunting Public about their new venture and public land hunting tactics. This episode is heavy on tactics and strategy, covering deer bedding, aerial map scouting, wind bumping, scouting and hunting hot sign, blind hunt setups, and a ton more. Come in with an open mind, and these guys could change the way you think about your hunting strategies. If their tactics are new to you, you might need to listen more than once.

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What We Learn In This Episode:

  • Update and Mike and Adam’s latest hunts.
  • What is The Hunting Public and how was it started?
  • How Aaron and Zach hunt mature bucks on public land.
  • What is wind bumping?
  • What do they consider hot sign and when do they hunt it?
  • What they look for on an aerial map, especially going in blind.
  • Tips for traveling and setting up in the dark.

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